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What I Learned about Health and Fitness From my Cats- FitTraining Blog for Women 40, 50 and Beyond

I have always loved cats, and currently have two, Dagger and Dolly. This is Dagger, he's ready for the season. Even though they are littermates, they have distinctively different personalities, just like my sister and I do and I bet you and your siblings and friends do.

One day I decided to watch them closely, to see what lessons they could teach me that I could apply to health and fitness.

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Here are five things my cats taught me:

  • Sleep well. Sleep a lot. I think it’s a cat’s job to sleep. They do it with abandon, practically anywhere that is soft and comfy-in a sunny location is a plus.

Sleep is critical for you, too- if you aren’t sure what your quality of sleep is, an activity tracker or a smart phone app can help you analyze your sleep patterns to be certain you grab the life force so important to your health and happiness. You can’t lose weight if you don’t sleep, so truly if “you snooze you do lose”.

  • Eat well. Don’t eat a lot. My cats are discriminating eaters. Unlike dogs, who I hear will pretty much plough through whatever is on the plate, your plate, or the floor, my cats will turn up their noses if the food isn’t “just right” for them.

They eat slowly and stop when they are satisfied. They leave food on their plates. Learn from them. Drink fresh water frequently, too. Just don’t slop it on the floor like my cat.

  • Dagger is enamored with ribbon, and Dolly loves the toy bird hanging from her perch.

Have you ever watched cats play? Kittens are the best; they roll, cavort and leap with wild abandon. Reconnect with play and have child-like fun doing it.< > Having pets is a fantastic way to help humans feel better.

You need to care for them, and a lot of times they care for you. How? Cuddling up in your lap is one way that Dolly gets to find that soft and comfy sleep space (see item 1.) Having a cat purr against you is proven to be a kind of quiet massage that helps to bring down blood pressure, heals wounds and brings a smile to your face.

  • Groom yourself. Pay attention to your appearance. I used to wear the rattiest, worn out and unflattering garb to exercise. Now, I understand how important feeling good in your clothes can be, especially when participating in physical activity.

Take a look in your closet and donate, toss or retire those 3 year old sneakers (they are well past the point of supporting your feet), the ripped sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants. Invest in some handsome workout wear and feel your self confidence and dedication to your workout program soar. Dolly even grooms Dagger sometimes; just to be sure he looks his best.

Need some help getting your health and fitness in tip top shape? I'm here for you! MEOW!

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