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FitPrint - A Signature Approach developed to match your personal preferences, for fitness success that’s all you!

  • Do you PAY FOR a gym membership but never seem to get there?

  • Do you sample every group class or work out video, get bored and FALL OUT of the habit?

  • Have you BOUGHT and TRIED every fitness gadget on the market just to have them COLLECT DUST?

… Want to change all that?
What if you had an exercise approach that was tailor made for you?

We can help. Here's how...

2. You will learn, once and for all, what fitness options will work for YOU most naturally

3. You can then continue on your own, or email with your color result, i.e. Purple harmony and we can set up a session to discuss.

Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 3.59.20 PM.png

Based on Suzanne Brue’s Quiz: 8 Colors of Fitness

Please listen to my interview with Suzanne Brue.

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