Cancer & Exercise

Safe, modified exercises for cancer patients

“The standard weapons in the fight against cancer – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – may soon be joined by something far simpler: EXERCISE.” 

Melinda Irwin, PhD Yale University

MILFORD, Conn.—August 17, 2009 Linda T. Gottlieb, one of southern Connecticut’s leading personal fitness trainers, has a positive message for the 20,000+ state residents that statistics say will be diagnosed with cancer ...

“Don’t let the diagnosis define you; invite health in and become your personal best.”


The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has named Gottlieb, one of the state’s first fitness professionals approved to work with cancer patients through a new certification.

ACSM collaborated with the American Cancer Society to establish the “Cancer Exercise Trainer” certification and give cancer patients and survivors one more resource in their effort to heal. Only experienced health and fitness professionals, like Gottlieb are eligible.

See Linda’s Interview by the Wall Street Journal:

“Who would have thought that at my age I plan on being a beautiful bride. Cancer has changed my life forever; it has opened my eyes to what is possible and to enjoy the beauty around me. Sounds sort of corny, but I say it with a true heart. I am so happy!” - Susan M, Berlin, CT


“I told all my doctors about working with you and how it made me strong and have more endurance and that I feel so much better I “sparkle” now! - Sheri K, Roscoe, IL