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Safe, modified exercises for cancer survivors

Are you?


Overwhelmed by this life changing event and want
to get back 
in the driver's seat?

  • Many people living with cancer acknowledge it's the right time to learn ways to support their health. Increased physical activity can be a key part of this plan.

Concerned that you might not have a joyful future and want to do  everything possible to ensure you do?

  • Exercise has been proven to help decrease chance of recurrence along with improving quality of life for patients and survivors.


Frustrated by the decisions you must now make and unsure about  how to get your life back?

  • Improved physical fitness is encouraged by the U.S. Surgeon General to buoy feelings of confidence, promote general feeling of well-being, decrease anxiety, depression and fatigue

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“The standard weapons in the fight against cancer – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – may soon be joined by something far simpler: EXERCISE.” 

Melinda Irwin, PhD Yale University

“Don’t let the diagnosis define you; invite health in and become your personal best.”


In 2009, Linda joined Yale University as cancer/exercise researcher and was named one of the nations first fitness professionals approved to work with cancer patients certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Cancer Society (ACS).  She also facilitates survivor exercise at cancer centers and is certified in Penn Medicine's Strength After Breast Cancer program.


Linda’s Interview by the Wall Street Journal
(click pdf image below)

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“Who would have thought that at my age I plan on being a beautiful bride. Cancer has changed my life forever; it has opened my eyes to what is possible and to enjoy the beauty around me. Sounds sort of corny, but I say it with a true heart. I am so happy!” - Susan M, Berlin, CT


“As a martial artist, yoga instructor and trainer, I am very familiar with the power of exercise.  I still found Linda’s coaching to be extremely helpful in understanding how to train with Lymphedema.  The approach is different-Linda’s depth of knowledge and many years’ experience emphasize how important learning from a professional is- for those recovering from- or living with- the cancer experience"   Kathy K, Ontario, Canada

“I told all my doctors about working with you and how it made me strong and have more endurance and that I feel so much better I “sparkle” now! - Sheri K, Roscoe, IL

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