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Got Your Mask? (and why I'm asking)

So, if you are anything like me, the last time you considered wearing a mask was for Halloween, or maybe when selecting a facial treatment at a spa.

Well, Covid 19 changed all THAT!

Now not only you wearing a mask, you may be making masks... I've seen masks fashioned out of unique materials like lingerie, tee shirts and even socks...masks have become a trendy "style" thing!

The assumption is that wearing a mask might help protect your health.

It's amazing the speed in which people adopted this brand new habit when the reason was critically important to them.

This is fantastic news for me, as a fitness coach.

It demonstrates: - Folks are willing to change (and learn how to safely operate this new fashion accessory) - Folks are willing do something a little unfamiliar to help insure your good health - Folks are willing to make it a consistent habit, to protect your life

If this pandemic has tickled your brain even a teeny bit about exercise as that healthy habit you just KNOW you need- let's schedule a time to chat.

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