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Yep, you are getting older, and your brain is, too. With all kinds of apps and online brain workouts available, science is getting into exercise for your noggin.

It's not only word games and brain fitness that can help you find your keys and make sharp, split second decisions as you age, but old faithful walking for wellness that can boost your brain power, too.

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There's been a long standing belief that the brain is hardwired, fixed and unchangeable. That belief is being rocked by new science that you can change the size and function of your brain. Just by walking...yep taking steps, literally to increase the volume, efficiency and cognitive improvements is possible.

So, what does this brain boot camp look like? Professor Arthur Kramer of the University of Illinois in Urbana is part of a revolutionary study that carefully watched, through brain imaging 60 participants that walked in a six month exercise program.

He says "I was surprised how much plasticity, how much flexibility older brains have, because the general belief up unitl a decade ago was that brains deteriorated as we age. That's not true."

"(Exercise) stimulates your brain and really makes you remember and want to remember" says Grace Curran, one of the participants in the study.

Hey, I have a long list of reasons you should exercise as you age. Now we can add training the "muscle" we call your brain!

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