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  • Linda T Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CE

Everything worthwhile is uphill - Fit Training Blog for Women 40, 50 and Beyond

John Maxwell, veteran business coach and prominent keynote speaker talks about putting in the work to accomplish goals and his observation that everything worthwhile is uphill.

In fitness, that "hill" can be literal, like running or biking to the summit, or figurative. Either way, it's reality. Nothing wonderful results after sitting on the sofa for hours, no matter how much you may want your body to get fit.

Zero effort always results in zero. But the funny thing is that in fitness a bit of effort can deliver great results- it's a secret I know after decades in the industry. The "uphill" battle of getting and staying fit doesn't have to be much of a hill, or too much effort, either.

It does, however, require intention, attention and consistency.

Intention: the beginning "oomph" you need to get off the sofa, start that walk around the block, or lift that first weight.

Attention: to safe form and modifications to ensure you can get the exercise done- everyone can and should exercise, just not the same way.

Consistency: You don't want to be starting new all the time- it's depressing and your muscles are always sore.

If you want to be fitter and healthier, take a good look up- the hill is there, but I know you can take one step at a time to reach the summit of your personal goals. Need a Sherpa to help you on your path? I'm ready to go!

Looking for a speaker that can deliver fitness & health facts and fun? Call Linda @ 203-877-5270

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