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  • Linda T Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CE

How Exercise is Like Halloween - Fit Training Blog for Women 40, 50 and Beyond

As a student of human behavior, I am always fascinated with Halloween, and figured I might share my opinion about just how much it's like exercise at different stages of our lives.

When you are a kid, Halloween is fantastic! A chance to have fun visiting your neighborhood, dressed up and with your friends, collecting candy and eating lots in your travels.

Halloween is cool, fun and exhilarating when we are young- just like exercise, when physical activity is our way to experience life, get in touch with our bodies and strengthen our minds.

Then, as I observed last night, there comes a time when Halloween is way un-cool. Older kids shuffling to the door, sans costumes, with a pillowcase, or their hand, collecting a candy bar or two as they meander down the street.

Competing priorities of dating, school work, digital distractions take you away from exercise, too - leaving only reminders of the youthful fun of outdoor activities like riding your bike or playing ball at the park.

As we age, we return to the joy of the holiday. More money is spent on adult costumes than children's for Halloween. Visiting neighbors or attending parties dressed up returns to being enjoyment. Now exercise is critical, it's no longer optional. Regular exercise is one big way to stay young and healthy, no matter your age.

If you are experiencing this stage in your Halloween evolution, let's get you going with an in home exercise program that is less scary and more fun.

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