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  • Linda T Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CE

Working out is a lot like sex- Fit Training Blog for Women 40, 50 and Beyond

Workouts are very similar to sex. Your performance depends on your level of involvement.

When you go for a jog, your brain does not zone out like it does at the gym.

We must be constantly aware of our changing environment. By actively engaging our surroundings, we enhance our proprioceptive capabilities. That's a long word for having a sense about your body and it's whereabouts- like closing your eyes and touching your nose- you pretty much know that nose is found on your face.

In a workout that is outside of a contrived environment like a treadmill or other machine, the body and the brain need to stay on high alert (yes, like your body on sex...) to be able to navigate and also to accept external stimuli (again, I don't have to connect those dots do I?) and interpret it for the next footfall or jump.

Safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance in working out, OK and in regards to sex- challenging your body to adapt to different experiences is a good way to get and stay fit as well as keep your life exciting.

Bet there is an adventure course or belly dance class in your area, right? Why not try one out and see how your body responds. You may think you are buffed up fit, or ...not- but certainly your body will notice it's being asked to do different things - rope bridge, hip to hip rolls, engaging muscles and sending brain waves that are extremely important and kinda cool, too - to help you navigate a new activity.

Just like a newborn baby experiencing everything for the first time, you can also trigger the connections that help you strengthen your sense of body awareness and sharpen location signals.

It was fun to connect working out and sex; why not look at your workouts in this new light? Need some help? My in home or online fitness coaching may be just the right move.

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