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  • Linda T Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CE

OK, It's Not A Summer Body, It's Your Body For Life- Fit Training Blog for Women 40, 50 and

You planned for it, tried on A LOT of swim suits, summer shorts and tops and maybe even upped your fitness program to be sure you looked great on your summer vacation.

Guess what? It's not just a "summer body" you want, right? It's a healthy, fit body for all seasons...actually for LIFE.

So, even though Labor Day is right around the corner, I challenge you to keep your focus on your fitness as the days get shorter and back to a non vacay schedule.

Here are three things you can do to keep the summer bod going:

- Schedule indoor workouts and evening exercises. Whether its yoga, Pilates, your strength training or stretch routine, adding it as a regularly scheduled commitment in the evening will help you overcome the autumn and winter doldrums when "night" comes early. Taking time for fitness after work, but before bed time helps to extend the day and burn additional calories before you snooze.

- Take a fitness class. Plan a new exercise experience since your summer schedule is over and you'll be doing less beach time or out of town travels. Committing to a class gives you a built in schedule, and you may meet a new fitness friend to have fun with the next time summer rolls around.

- Wear your summer clothes once a month. Yep, put on that swim suit, cute top or skinny white jeans. Nothing helps you see if you are gaining or losing in the weight management department like your clothes. Don't be in the store next summer buying up a size- keep your eye on fat and lean muscle measures via your clothes.

Not ready to give up summer fun? Me neither, but you can keep the high energy enthusiasm going till next year by making a few simple commitments today.

Need help? One of the best reasons to engage a personal trainer is to have an accountability coach. I'm right here for ya!

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