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Keeping YOLO in mind, by the time you read this post- I'll be in Hawaii, enjoying a long awaited vacation in a place I have never been and always wanted to visit.

It's a great time to ask you what things YOU have wanted to do, but for many reasons, job, family commitments, cost, no time or even no energy- have not done (yet) in your life.

Author Emily Huffstetler said “You have one go at life. One chance to follow your dreams. Don't waste it on planning your life, spend it on doing.”

The answer to "How?" should always be "Yes!" - figuring out how to do the things you really want will give you the courage, the focus and the enthusiasm to claim whatever it is you really want- whether it's a new job in a different field, a fit and healthy body, or a home in the Islands...there are people who have made their dreams come true. You can be that person, too.

Of course, being able to create the life of your dreams can't happen if you are not healthy or fit enough to enjoy the experiences. That's just reality.

I see people all the time that have to cancel long time plans, skip a family outing or sit on the sofa while life passes goes on around them because they are not well enough.

Here's a critical tip- being fit and healthy is a pay it forward commitment that offers you the ability to live your dreams. I'm going to swim, snorkel, hike, bike and walk a lot in Hawaii, maybe even learn the Hula. I know that I can do all those things and I'm grateful for the energy and strength I have to meet this trip head on.

What is it that YOU would like to approach head on and might feel less than certain you can physically take on the challenge? This is a great time to assess your current reality and then change it.

Need some help? Get it. Remember, You Only Live Once!



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