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My business isn’t really about exercises, eating strategies, sets or reps, it’s about human behavior, more specifically, behavior change.

Brain research proves that for most humans, 70% of thoughts are automatically negative.

Researchers can show study participants pictures of angry and happy faces, and the participants will identify the angry faces much faster than the happy ones. So, it seems you have a sixth sense for misery. “I am the fattest person in the room!”, “I can never do this “exercise” thing!”, and “I’m just destined for disease.”

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Ok, you might think, if negative thoughts are so powerful and paralyze progress; you can just force yourself to stop thinking them.

Does that work when you see a gooey, right from the oven chocolate chip cookie? Do you stop thinking about it just because you try and suppress the thought? Nope, trying to suppress negative thoughts only makes them stronger.

Psychologists call these ironic thought processes. It's the difference between overweight people who are always counting calories and rail-thin people who have to be reminded to eat at meal time because otherwise they just "forget to eat." The overweight dieters are constantly failing because staying under the calorie count requires them to do the one thing they should be avoiding: thinking about food.

Brain scans show that people who are constantly worrying about every little thing have much more active brains than other people ... but the extra energy is wasted in worry.

Conversely, people who aren't concerned about what will happen can dedicate all their concentration to solving whatever problem is in front of them, meaning their chances of success are higher.

That's right -- you can success just because you aren’t concerned with the outcome.

Hurray! What can you do today in your day to improve your health and fitness? Negative thoughts are normal, and you can simply move because it feels good or eat well because veggies are yummy.

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