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Pay Tuesday for a Hamburger Today

Do you happen to remember the old school Popeye cartoon strip? A character, Wellington Wimpy, simply known as just “Wimpy” was a frequent character. Wimpy was always requesting something for free- today- claiming to be able to repay the debt on “Tuesday” or sometime in the future.

Whenever I think of Wimpy wanting to pay later for immediate gratification today- that hamburger- it makes me think of well...all of us! Wanting satisfaction now and promising to pay for it later is a human trait- just take think about the last time you put EXERCISE on your to do list.

I bet you would love to have a fitter, healthier, more toned body, right?

Guess what? Today is the time to do that exercise so you can have that result in the future. Sadly, many folks promise themselves they'll get it done tomorrow- or if you're channeling our old friend, Wimpy... next Tuesday.

Exercise is one of the best "pay if forward" activities you can engage in today to deliver wonderful results, tomorrow and for many tomorrows to come. And most people realize how GREAT it feels when they make exercise a non-negotiable activity in their lives.

While my clients do miss a workout now and then, what they have learned from experience is that a little discomfort now (in case that's what your thinking exercise is....) can deliver amazing results later.

1. Get up out of that chair and move- Today is a good time... 2. Stretch, flex and stand up straight- Today is a good time... 3. Lift, push and pull use those muscles- Today is a good time...

Be more like my client, Joyce, who thought extreme exercise was the only way she could get fit, so her daily good intention was always skipped. Working together, we created a self care fitness program for her that she loves and hardly ever skips.

By avoiding “paying on Tuesday for a hamburger today,” you can potentially avoid a multitude of major health problems tomorrow.

Need help to create a program that can get you going today for those results you crave?

Give me a call- today- don't wait till Tuesday to see if working with a personal trainer is right for you. 203.877.5270

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