Workouts are very similar to sex. Your performance depends on your level of involvement.

When you go for a jog, your brain does not zone out like it does at the gym.

We must be constantly aware of our changing environment. By actively engaging our surroundings, we enhanc...

You planned for it, tried on A LOT of swim suits, summer shorts and tops and maybe even upped your fitness program to be sure you looked great on your summer vacation.

Guess what?  It's not just a "summer body" you want, right?  It's a healthy, fit body for all seasons....

If True North is your orienting point - your fixed point in a spinning world - one that helps you stay on track, then what is your Truth North for Fitness?

Remember, True North is not negotiable, constant, singular and not affected by factors around you.

For many of my c...

We all do it!  Rationalize what we don't feel like doing. 

For me and my clients, rationalizing may sound a bit like:

"I don't have enough energy to exercise today"

"I have no time to go to the gym"

"I'm too old/fat/out of shape to exercise"

"I just can't get in the swing...


 Friedrich Schiller German Philosopher 1880's

It can truly be said that we are MADE for play....  humans are among the very few species of animals that PLAY AS ADULTS.

The evidence upholds Friedrich Schiller's hypothesis- we are mos...

Happy Amazon PRIME day!  Wouldn't it be NICE if your fit and healthy body could be delivered in two days, or less?  Would you subscribe to the service?  Me, too!

In today's world, being fit and healthy, although augmented and helped along by technology, is still an "old...

OK, I laughed too, but not so fast!

You have heard me write, or maybe you have even heard me speak,(shameless plug) about the perils of sitting too long.

Well, here's another reason to get up, get moving and stop the sit life.  Dead Butt syndrome.

The technical name of th...

We all do this, look at someone and think, "Gee....I wish I looked more like her!"

It's normal to compare yourself with others, and even more normal for our brains to think negative thoughts about self vs. others.  Actually I would bet you a million dollars that there i...


If you know you have limited time to get to the gym in the morning, set your alarm to go off 15 minutes early. "Do something first thing to get your metabolism stoked— -- try a circuit of the tried-and-true basics, like jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches...

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